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Enchanted Journey  by Michelle Collins * Where we have shown images of artwork framed or within room sets these have been created using virtual software and are intended to provide an idea of the style of framing and/or the scale of the artwork in relation to furniture. They should not be viewed as completely accurate to scale and the colours may vary slightly. We can send photographs of the artwork in its frame by request.

Enchanted Journey

by Michelle Collins Size: H: 121cms x W: 121cms (48" x 48") Framed: H: 126cms x W: 126cms (50" x 50") Acrylic on Canvas Item Code: MMC2023029 "Enchanted Journey" is a mesmerising abstract painting that invites viewers into a realm of imagination and wonder. The canvas is alive with a symphony of colors—rich blues and purples blending seamlessly with hints of ethereal greens and gold. Swirling, dynamic brushstrokes create a sense of movement, as if the viewer is being carried through a magical landscape. The composition suggests a voyage through a dreamscape, with abstract forms resembling otherworldly landscapes and celestial bodies. The interplay of light and shadow adds depth, creating an atmosphere that is both mysterious and alluring. Each layer of the painting unfolds like chapters in a fantastical story, leaving room for interpretation and personal reflection. "Enchanted Journey" is a visual poetry of emotions, capturing the essence of exploration and the boundless possibilities found in the uncharted territories of the imagination.

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