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Hailing from the Liberties, Darran Robinson (AKA Dr. Dublin) is rapidly becoming one of Ireland’s most exciting painters and sculptors. He completed his studies at the National College of Art and Design (N.C.A.D.) before pursuing a successful career as an art collector and entrepreneur. Dr. Dublin’s work is invariably imbued with both fragility and strength. Through his creations he emphatically explores the psychological hinterlands of where darkness meets light, where the bizarre cross-pollinates with the ordinary and where the animal and human anatomy ultimately become forged and fused in surrealist forms, evoking in the viewer a deep sense that in the undercurrent of our existence, perhaps we are all the same. Dr. Dublin’s fascination with the vintage porcelain doll is clearly evident in his series of works entitled ‘’The Dublin Dolls’.’ In this haunting new body of paintings, Dr. Dublin has revisited the nightmares of our childhood. Through his finely skilled brushwork, he brings these seemingly innocent inanimate dolls to life. Here they take on a multitude of menacing, villainous, and sinister roles. Often depicted in an ‘’up close and personal’’ composition, there is no denying their stark familiarity. From their blackened eye sockets and fractured porcelain features, the dark abyss like backgrounds instill a sense of confinement as the doll’s glaring eyes malevolently follow you around the room. Today's popular cultural trends hold a deep allure to the macabre and the ghoulish with the popularity of shows such as ‘’American Horror Story’’ and ‘’The Walking Dead’’. It’s safe to say that Dr. Dublin has undoubtedly found his place amongst this present day audience. Dr. Dublin has said that he is influenced by artists such as Francis Bacon and H.R. Giger while also taking inspiration from East Asian cultures. His work has been widely exhibited in Dublin and Belfast with upcoming international exhibitions set for New York, Tokyo and London

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