Catherine Ryan
Catherine Ryan is a mixed media painter working in Dublin. Her background is  in glass design at the National College of Art and Design. This influence is found in  her vibrant use of colour and different shapes that are combined through the medium  of acrylic paint. Catherine’s experience working as a florist expanded her  understanding of colour in terms of possible combinations, while nurturing a maximalist aesthetic where there is “more” for the eyes to feast upon.  
Her abstract cityscapes celebrate cities as multi-layered centres of humanity.  The overriding concept in her work is that contemporary life is complex yet there is  an overall unity to things, a chaotic order. Her technique involves wiring, gluing,  nailing small objects onto the flat surface of the canvas, adding texture and blurring  the lines between painting and sculpture. Objects that are found and donated, from  paper paraphernalia to mobile phone parts, act as a record of the material culture of  the 21st century. Catherine’s recent graduation (2020) in Irish Folklore and Irish  Studies also feeds into her practice in terms of symbolism and methodology; for  example the belief in “found objects” carrying the psychic energies of the places  where they were discovered. 
These fragments are incorporated into the idealised cityscape, where there is space  for every shape and for all colours. The world is in a constant state of flux and its  allure, power and beauty stems from its diversity. A sense of humour permeates the work as serious issues such as the economy and mental health are tackled through the prism of humour, much like the cartoons that speak to both adults and younger  people.
Catherine’s exhibition history since 2009 includes the Royal Hibernian Academy,  RUA RED Arts Centre, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Kinsale Arts Festival and many  art centres around Ireland. Her work is held in public and private collections in  Ireland, the UK, the EU, USA and Western Asia. Catherine is a professional member  of Visual Artists Ireland.

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Catherine Ryan Catherine Ryan
How 2BA NY 4 Way
Mixed Media on Canvas
30cm x 30 cm (12" x 12")

Catherine Ryan Catherine Ryan
Cowboy Gotcha Now
Mixed Media on Board
60cm x 76cm (24" x 30")

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