George Dunne




The Band - Oil on Canvas


Born in Dublin, George is a European painter.  From Irish, Cornish and Breton Stock, he can call on a rich tradition of North European angst.  Soutine is mentioned when people talk of influences, but the artist himself would consider Egon Schiele or George Rouault nearer the truth.


Perhaps George is described best by Gerald Davis, gallery owner, writer and art correspondent: "His work exhibits a mastery that I have only seen previously in the work of the late Jonathan Wade.  Allied to a quirky choice of subjects, he gives us a series of idiosyncratic tableaux of enduring fascination.  George is above all a committed artist, he paints because he has to and, when we look at his work we see not a sophisticated distillation of multiplicity of styles of contemporary art, but a direct response to his own struggle with life and his attempt to understand it.  It is this deeply felt involvement with painting and life that makes such work as this an important part of the exciting renaissance in Irish Art through which we are privileged to be living". 



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George Dunne George Dunne
A Shot of Powers
Acryilic on board, framed
41cm x 46cm (16'' x 18'')

George Dunne George Dunne
Trad Session, The Cobblestone
Acryilic on board, framed
27cm x 27cm (10.5' x 10.5')

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